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About Us
Power Electronics specialise in industrial and commercial, 3phase power electronic equipment manufacturing, installation, upgrading, breakdown service and workshop repairs. If we can't fix it, we will do our best to find someone who can.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why did it fail?
  In our experience, the most common cause of electrical and electronic equipment failure is, wear and tear of moving parts, followed by thermal fatigue, operating environment, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems, supply quality, a race condition or application and design issues.

Do you service other equipment?  Yes, we are industry trained to service a broad range of 3 phase power electronic equipment, ranging from extra low voltage 10,000amp plating rectifiers, to 16kV, RF applications.  

Do you repair PLC's?  No, but we help PLC engineers and electricians, solve I/O problems.

What is your service rate?  Our 24hr call out rate is $150 per hour + GST for site and travel time. Its cheaper if you deliver and pick up your parts from our factory.                                      

Do you have a lower rate for contract work?  Yes. For service agreements and project work, we offer a lower rate, based on the quantity of work, job requirement, site access and site conditions.

What is the warranty period for new equipment?   Normally 1year or longer. We will confirm the warranty period when we send you a quote.

Do you supply a repair warranty?   Yes for items we have built. The manufacturers warranty applies to products supplied by others. Our successful repair rate is running at ~ 98%.

What do you build?   We build propriety control items to customer specification, and some of our own test equipment.
Recent items include, a Solenoid Test Box to reduce downtime from minutes to seconds, a controller to reduce Electrostatic Precipitator Arcing Faults for the HVAC Industry, Active Stability Control (ASC) for Electric Vehicles and a Yarn Tension and Drive Speed Follower controls for the Textile Industry. 

The information we provide is intended for qualified people and subject to change without notice.
If you are not qualified, you should disregard the contents of this page. 

Melbourne Australia

Tel:      (03) 5977 4982

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